West Works

Listen to Podcasts created by Juniors in Mrs. Wilson’s Advanced Placement Communication Arts classes to accompany art pieces.  Her students interviewed various artists who were selected for West Works and allows the artist to discuss their piece and highlight their creativity.  Patrons can listen to the accompanying tracks that are on mp3 players provided by the Library or can access on their personal players with directions provided at the exhibit.

West Works is a juried student art show displaying the best work created by students in 9th-12th grades.   The exhibit is open for a week to the school, parents and community members providing the opportunity to view a  variety of categories.

Calculus Songs


Mrs. Grosptich’s calculus students created songs related to formulas and theorems. Resources provided by library media specialists including headphones, microphones, software, and technology instruction. Students were also instructed on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Transformative Use.

Resource Pathfinder

Toondoo – Systems

Mr. Anderson’s Asia Studies classes researched a variety of systems – religion, economic, etc.  After finding information about their topic, students created an online cartoon to demonstrate their understanding.   Students must demonstrate an understanding of the topic and show how this type of system can benefit society.  Click here for a  listing of all projects.

Bless Me Ultima

Students are reading Bless Me Ultima for Honors Communication Arts I class.  Mrs. Lilley created a voicethread and students responded to her question on the voicethread.   They also posted a question for their classmates to answer as well.  (Mrs. Lilley learned about voicethread from the library media specialists.  They worked to create this voicethread and help students respond to the thread.)

 For other classes, click here.

Africa Studies

In Africa Studies, students researched a problem or issue affecting the African nations and determined how different organizations are addressing these issues.  Students then created a video highlighting the issues and how the organizations help.  Incorporating 21st century skills, students followed the ethical use of information guidelines.

All student projects are posted on the Africa Studies wiki. 


Persuasion, CA II

Power of Persuasion
Students in Sophomore Communication Arts classes researched controversial issues using SIRS Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints. Students determined the persuasive techniques used in editorials. In turn, students wrote an editorial expressing their views with facts and opinions found. To synthesize their knowledge, students created public service announcements utilizing persuasive techniques. 

Student projects were posted to Teachertube.   View all videos.  *Videos not shown did not meet copyright or privacy guidelines.